Mohammed Khajuriwala

Mohammed Khajuriwala

👋 Hi there! I’m Mohammed Khajuriwala, an AWS Solutions Architect Professional, passionate about all things cloud. With a focus on serverless services, cloud architectures, and optimizing cost and performance, I love unraveling the complexities of the cloud landscape.

🏆 I hold certifications not only as an AWS Solutions Architect Professional but also in Tibco and Mulesoft. My experience extends beyond AWS—I’ve also worked as a GCP Solutions Architect, gaining insights from diverse cloud environments.

🔐 Security is my mantra. Navigating the ever-evolving landscape, I’m here to guide you on robust cloud security practices.

💰 When it comes to cost optimization, I’m your guide. Let’s explore strategies to maximize efficiency while minimizing expenses, helping you make the most of your cloud investment.

🌐 Through this blog, I’ll be sharing insights, tips, and best practices. Let’s demystify the cloud together and create efficient, secure, and scalable solutions.

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